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“No great thing is created suddenly, any more than a
bunch of grapes or a fig.
If you tell me that you desire
a fig, I answer you that
there must be time.
Let if first blossom, then
bear fruit, then ripen.”

— Epictetus

know we live in an impatient world–well, certainly in America. We are so used
to going to the grocery store and buying oranges any time, along with tens of
thousands of items right at our fingertips ready to drop into the cart. When the
season for oranges is done here, it is a new season in another part of the world
and we ship back and forth keeping the stocks filled as much as is
we are creating something anew, this learned impatience is a roadblock
we wanted to grow our own oranges, we would need seed, or a partially grown
tree, planted and cared for, often for much time before the fruit is even
available, let alone developed and ready to pick. In the early stages this may
take more than a season and in many cases several seasons. There must be a
commitment to the task and a belief in its successful fruition, and a steadfast
patience while caring for the project. In addition to that, there is the weather
to contend with, which changes fortunes in the agricultural industry on a fairly
regular basis.
is true with oranges, nuts, sheep, cows, or fill in the blank. It is also true
with many projects that we might take on in our business life or our personal
for example, starting a business. It doesn’t just materialize out of thin air,
but requires thought, action, more thought, more action, change, and more
change, and hopefully if it is well cared for and the belief is strong, it may
come to thrive. Even then, according to statistics, only a small percentage of
new businesses even make it five years. There may be a certain weather pattern
there too.
is more to it than meets the eye. It is less the idea that is the value, and
more the persistence and commitment. Even a grand idea must have those two
qualities in order to succeed at being grand.
we decide to do, and we know that decisions are so important, we need to commit
to its success if we believe in it. This may require spanning a drought here and
there, and keeping our eyes fixed on the goal. We may experience storms, but
know that they are the calluses that help us get the work done. But, mostly, and
more than we might think, we need to believe in the project continuously, believe in our own ability, and we
need patience to allow the process to come to completion.

All Good Things Take Time, Belief And

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