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“There is nothing to fear.” 

— Lesson 48 from 
A Course in Miracles 

A few days ago in the Sept. 15th Daily Inspiration, I included a scale of emotions from Abraham, Esther Hicks as published in their book, Ask and It Is Given. I said how helpful seeing that scale of emotions was to me, but it is even more than that as I find more and more value from it. In fact, when I was looking at the lesson above from A Course in Miracles, it came to me again that everything below the turning point of hopefulness is fear.

As I was listening to a friend tell of an interesting event that happened to him and the many details surrounding it, the thoughts and emotions generated by the strange event were easily seen in referencing the scale as fear. There was disappointment, blame, doubt, frustration, irritation, and pessimism, and even some discouragement.

But, when I become familiar with the scale of emotions, and pay attention to what I’m feeling, or the emotions that he was expressing, I can easily see the playground we were playing in. All of the emotions I mentioned, will attract only more of the same via the Law of Attraction. It’s how things easily get blown out of proportion.

So, that is one piece of what I want to mention today. It is realizing where we are currently on the scale of emotions, and knowing that on this playground, there is only more of the same.

Now, allow me to inject something I touched on only yesterday in the Sept. 17th Daily Inspiration on the value of asking an empowering question, what if? It’s a question that is very positive in leading us to consider possibilities. And, at the same time, it can help lead us off of the playground of fear, through the corridor of hope, toward the playground of love, peace, and joy.

Consider this what if: What if every cloud really does have a silver lining? In other words, what if every situation, interaction, event, circumstance contained the seeds of joy, love, appreciation, empowerment, fulfillment?

I’ve considered this question in this specific way for some time now, and I wanted it to be true, because that is what I wanted to see. I think it has helped to look often at one of the signs on my wall from Abraham, Esther Hicks: “Today, no matter where I am going and no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent to see that which I am wanting to see.” 

This has caused me to move through the corridor of hope to the playground of joy by considering what the many silver linings, or what the many positive aspects of this so-called negative event are. There are always many blessings that come from any situation regardless of how bad others may think they are, or how long they hold their grudges, and a grudge is simply a fear thought they keep thinking.

This allows me to hear of an event or situation and then start thinking of what some of the many blessings may be. I have come to know they are in there, and I am 100% confident that they will be seen in time. This allows me to let go of the pain or the pain of the other, and to begin looking for the blessings, even though I may do that quietly within myself so that I don’t upset the desire for fear-based emotions in the other person. Some people need to grieve. That’s okay. I no longer need that; albeit, for most of my life, I was on that playground most of the time.

To summarize, I find such value in the scale of emotions to show me where my thinking and feeling is. My goal is always to feel better, to find relief, so I can then move up the scale to a better feeling place. In addition, one of the most helpful concepts I have adopted is the idea of, what if there is a silver lining in this? Or rather, I would now state it this way: I am certain there are many blessings here, what might some of them be? I get excited about the possibilities, and I can’t wait to see them and realize the power and value in them.

What Playground Are You Playing On? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by asking this: What if I had joy today? What if I had so much joy it was overflowing and I couldn’t contain it? What if some of it landed on others today?

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