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“Is it not strange 
that desire should so many years 
outlive performance?” 

Ambition should be made 
of sterner stuff.” 

— William Shakespeare 

We can ‘should’ ourselves into leading a disconnected and less than fulfilling life by trying over and over again to follow the edicts of some expert or guru. I used to do that myself and failed virtually every single time and then I would beat myself up for failing to do what seems like I should be doing in order to succeed, or be better, or to become the person I’m supposed to be and so on. It sucks. Living this way is not a life worth living to me now, yet I used to do it all the time.

I received one of the many email newsletters that I enjoy receiving. This one had a list of ‘easy’ things to do. Any one may be easy, but as a list, they are near impossible except for those special people. One item was to drink 10 glasses of water a day. Really? Give me a break. Maybe if I’m walking through the desert, but to think I will drink 10 glasses of water a day is crazy to me. Of course, maybe they are only 2 oz. glasses. . .

Another was not eating flour, sugar or fried foods. How about cardboard? That might improve your digestion. Well, this one isn’t that hard if you have will power and turn a blind eye to everything around you. Another was getting to the gym. I have a gym in my house and can’t seem to get to it. Often I walk right past it barely noticing all that stuff is there. Other times, I might think that I ‘should’ be working out. Whew! I’m tired already. . .

Also on this list were things that are truly easy for me, such as, expressing my love each day, praising a few people on my team today. I don’t even break a sweat doing these things, and frankly (such an interesting word. . .frankly), these have a far greater payoff than those not-so-easy things I mentioned earlier.

Here’s what I’ve learned about this subject. I have read many hundreds of books and I take what resonates with me and leave the rest. I receive all kinds of newsletters, inspirational quotes and more, and I take what resonates with me and delete the rest. As you can see, expressing love and praising people, thanking people resonates with me, but drinking 10 glasses of water does not. So I have learned to be very happy to take full advantage of what I like and ignore that which I do not like.

I have read well over a thousand books, but I did not finish all of them. I only finished the ones that kept resonating with me. Some might resonate for a while and then stop resonating completely. I close the cover and move on. It’s the same with movies. It works and if it stops working, I shut it off and try another. Though I might have in the past, I never force myself to continue with things that don’t resonate with me in some way. I value all of the input, and sometimes some of the input, and I love to partake in the diversity. It helps me feel alive.

Choice Is Perfect Play. We All Have That Perfection. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing the thoughts that empower, extend, and enhance you. That is joy in action.

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