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“The highest revelation

is that God is in every man.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ve talked about this a couple of times, and it bears repeating and/or restating.

One of the best things I have learned in the last few years is to be a committed practicer. I’ve talked about how I have learned how to practice patience and even enjoy finding opportunities to practice it. My highest calling is to practice unconditional love. I am committed to practicing it and perfection seems way off in the distance yet, but I can see and feel that I am getting closer to having it become a habit with me, or rather, normal for me.

Most of my life, where ever I found myself around people, I would think about what I liked and didn’t like about what I was seeing. Never mind the fact that I knew absolutely nothing about a person, I could easily make a judgment anyway. It also seemed that the majority of my thoughts were not positive. It was more about what I thought was weird about them, didn’t like the look of, and so on. The appreciation list was generally short unless they on rare occasion hit me differently.

Now, I practice finding positive and loving things about people I see and don’t know. If I find one thing to like; to love about them, then I can more easily find another. If there are a lot of people around me, like at the grocery store, or a work environment, or other such venue, I may find one and move to the next. I want to see as many as possible and get more practice time because, it is obvious to me that I need it!

And, I’ll bet you guess what is next. . . Yes! It works. By doing this, I find that I can love pretty much everyone–even politicians! I feel like God loves me including all my so-called faults, and He loves everyone else, so why should I not do the same. At least that is my goal and I’ve always sort of believed that practice does make perfect.

Consider: Where Is God Not? I Can Practice Acknowledging That In Everyone I Meet Or See.

Spread Some Joy Today–What a perfect way to spread joy: Practice unconditional love.

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