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“What if . . . ?” 

What if it were true? What if we could feed the entire world? What if we had the power? What if I have the power? What if?

This is such a grand question to ask. It is a perfect message to print out and put on your bathroom mirror or your office wall, or anywhere to remind us that we live in a world of possibilities and that we probably have more power to direct them to our liking than we imagine we do.

More often, I think, we are saying, “Yes, but. . .” instead of exploring the possibilities. Or, maybe saying flat out, “that’s not possible, or it can’t be done, or the logistics don’t work, or we don’t have the resources, or. . . well, the list goes on and on and on. We may even become experts based on past experience of what we cannot do, which directs what we seem to think that we can do. Truth is a toy to play with, and in fact, there is no truth. Instead, there is conjecture–and plenty of that.

Lately, I’ve been playing with inspiration. I’ve been reading Wayne Dyer’s book, Living An Inspired Life. More than anything, the book is about connecting with God, our Source, but not from the idea that God is something outside of us, but something that is within us all. As we align with or connect with that Source Energy, the All-Knowing, we have access to a more joyous life. As well, as we ignore that connection, doubt its existence, we are completely on our own.

Yesterday, I was sitting in the bathroom, and suddenly, I realized that I have the power to move mountains. I began laughing. Not laughing at the idea, but laughing with the joy of that realization. I began thinking that if I have the power to do this, I have the power to do anything, and many of the things on my list are so small in comparison with that!

In Matthew 17:20, after the disciples were wanting to know why Jesus could chase the demons out of a boy, but they could not, “Jesus said unto them, because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” I like the King James version I wrote here because it uses the word unbelief, rather than, littleness of faith. I think that says it more clearly, or at least, it feels more clear to me.

I’ve always remembered that verse because it was such a bold idea to say to the mountain to move from here to there and it would. The power involved in this is far greater than any nuclear bomb we’ve ever created.

But here’s a grand idea: If we have the power, and Jesus said that we do, just imagine the power we have over things that are insignificant in comparison to this! Imagine the possibilities! Imagine that if we have this power, all we need is to know it at our deepest level–the level of full belief and complete faith. And He said, “and nothing shall be impossible to you.” Nothing. No thing. In other words, everything, anything is possible for us. We have the power to do or have anything we so desire.

So what holds us back? Our mind. Our thinking. It is our unbelief. It is our lack of faith. It is our lack of knowledge of knowing that we have the power.

We are so focused on the physicality of our lives when it is the mind that has the power. We try all these physical remedies for having the perfect body and forget to let our mind lead. Why? Our unbelief, lack of faith, lack of knowledge of knowing that we have the power within our mind to do as we wish. I often mention that it is like the tail wagging the dog, and this applies here too.

Try playing with this idea that we all have the power. We may not now believe it, have any reason to have faith in it, or understand it. That’s okay. Just play with it. Ask what if you had the power! What if? Imagine the possibilities of it. The next question might be, what then? Imagine what you could do if you truly believed in yourself, believed in your personal power. Imagine what could be done. Imagine how you could help others. Imagine enjoying your life as being in-joy because you have the power, you know the power, you believe, and your faith is full.

Here’s a better message to print and put on your wall or mirror: I’ve got the power!

Just Imagine! I’ve Got The Power! So Do You! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing the power within you to be, do, and have whatever your heart desires. What joy!

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