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“Effective leadership is not about
making speeches
or being liked;
leadership is defined by
results not attributes.”

— Peter F

quote is funny when I read it among a hundred quotes about leadership from a
variety of authors. It’s funny because it jumps out at me and demands my
are so many quotes on leadership and the vast majority of them are focused on
the attributes, whereas, Mr Drucker says it the way it really is: there has to
be measurable performance.
a sales manager for so long, I’ve hired a lot of salespeople who were really
nice. They could strike up a conversation and keep the prospects interest and
they would get along like the best of friends, but there was one problem that
was too hard to ignore. It was that they could seem to learn how to close the
sale. They would talk up a storm, but the prospect would run out of time and be
on their way without the product or service.
can be that way too. I’ve seen managers in my travels who just can’t seem to get
the job done. They might be able to perform on their own, but management is all
about getting things done through others. I am always mindful to remind myself
of that basic fact so that I don’t forget what the real job is.
can be a complicated affair, but I agree that effective leadership is getting

Ready, Aim, Lead!

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