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“The best way to destroy an enemy
is to make him a

— Abraham

you love to have a friend around with the wisdom and common sense of Abraham
Lincoln? I think it would be so interesting hearing his famous quips in real
am grateful for them now because most that I read are so timeless. Wisdom has a
way of being that way.
quote above is one of my personal favorites, and I’ve taken it to heart in my
life more and more as I’ve grown. I don’t see any sense whatsoever in having
enemies of any kind. Struggle and fighting do not achieve long term objectives.
The best use of our skills would be to turn the tables on a potential enemy and
make them a friend. What a difference that makes for all concerned.

There Is No Need For Enemies. One Enemy Is Too Many, And You Can Never Have
Too Many Friends.

Spread Some Joy Today–If you have any so-called enemies, today is the best
day to change them to friends. Start now.
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