Daily Inspiration 9-17-11

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“Be a collector of good ideas,
but don’t trust your memory.”
— Jim Rohn
A few days ago, I mentioned that I’ve started using small notebooks again. I’ve used them off and on for most of my life, but the most part was off. I somehow thought I would remember the important ones, but that is a fantasy.
I’ve found that it is hard enough remembering a thought until the next block while driving. Seems easy, but the mind is a non-stop machine. It just keeps on going, like the Duracell bunny. It doesn’t wait for anything or anyone, but cranks out multi-layered thoughts changing direction at a nanoseconds notice. I actually like that about the brain and the mind, but it is often that a good thought slips away in the shuffle. Hence, the notebooks. Pause, write, go back to thinking. Done.
I’m remembering to take the notebook on my walks because that’s a place where I seem to get a number of ideas or thoughts worth writing about. It’s fun too. It’s interesting the things that get written down. These are some thoughts I wrote down today: Variable Tolerance Ratio, Dom Auto Mfg vs. Foreign 60s-70s-80s, Joy Meter, Comparing Ourselves To Others Is Not Helpful. Sort of a wide range of topics there, but I know from that little writing a much larger story to tell.
It’s interesting that this seems like such a little thing, but it is bringing me joy from the capturing of some good ideas, and this time, I think I’ll follow through for a long time.
You Never Know When A Good Idea Will Try To Get Your Attention. Carry A Notebook, Or Recorder.
Spread Some Joy Today–Pretend for just a while today that you’ve won a big lottery and you’re instantly wealthy. You won’t get the money for 30 days, but you know it is coming. All of a sudden, your cares are released. How does that feel? Just go with that a while and feel it for as long as you like. I’ll bet you feel great today!
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