Daily Inspiration 9-15-13

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“The never-ending task of self-improvement.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just because I know, doesn’t mean that I apply that which I know. Awareness is wonderful and it is very helpful, especially in catching myself as I waiver and giving me the power to bring me back into alignment.

I’ve been out walking again. It’s been a while. In several miles on the walk, I find my mind wandering through a cacophony of thoughts, many of which are random and many turn into mini-plays of imagined conversations with others and with myself.

In the last two days, I would catch my thought wandering and I would say, “I am not present. I need to be present.” Then I would come back and see the trees moving, the leaves fluttering, smell the air, feel the breeze, hear the birds, and more. Here I am present once again. It is a place where I have no problems.

Whatever problems I have are somewhere else, but not here in the present. In the present, there is nothing I could do about them anyway except to worry or play scenarios in my head. All of that creates feeling bad, whereas being in the present feels good. That is the best reason I know to get hold of the situation and change it to a better feeling place.

The fact that I know to do this is a wonderful thing, and by bringing myself back to the present, I am practicing it so that it becomes habitual to the point of not having to think about it.

Practice Makes Perfect, Or At Least, Much Improved.

Spread Some Joy Today–Find all the things and people that you can appreciate today, and then let them know about it in one way or another.

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