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Anthony Robbins Week
“It’s not knowing what to do,
it’s doing what you know.”
“The way we communicate with others
and with ourselves
ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”
— Anthony Robbins
You know, when I saw the first quote here, I thought, “how harsh!” And, how true. I won’t speak for anyone else, but I pretty much have always known, yet was constantly looking for what to do, people to show me, tell me–you know, someone you can blame if it doesn’t work out so well. I knew, but was reluctant to accept full responsibility.
Whenever I would do what I know, it would always work out and to just stay on that track would be pretty cool. Where have I fallen off the path? That leads me to the second quote: the way we communicate–or rather, the way I communicate with me. It’s probably the instant gratification that comes from doing what you want when doing something else will have a larger, longer term benefit. You know, potato chips (Kettle Brand, lightly salted. . .), the leather reclining chair (my favorite), procrastination (wasn’t that a Carly Simon song?), doing the less important, but more fun things in lieu of the things that actually have a payoff, and. . . well, you make your own list.
That all comes from the way I talk to me, how I allow myself to present such a pathetically poor case and still win the trial. Only in our own minds could it be that easy.
So, I know what to do enough, and if I just do what I know, I’ll do fine as long as I learn how to communicate and be a better team player. After all, it’s been my own team I’ve been selling out. . . Maybe I should write a book.
I Am Always Leading Myself Somewhere. Where?
Spread Some Joy Today–Maybe just for today. . . you know what to do, so doing it is the next step. It’ll make a difference.
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