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“Death can come at any minute, in any way. 

We do not know what is in store tomorrow, 
or, whether there is a tomorrow, 
or even a tonight! 

But still, we have the golden present. 
Now we are alive and kicking. 

What should we do now? 

Love all, serve all.” 
— Sri Swami Satchidananda 

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[Classic post from 4-11-19]

This is good advice to remember often. I would add one more thing: Enjoy yourself and enjoy your time.

Steve Jobs said, “My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”

Is there really a time where being upset, angry, especially at a loved one, worth it? I have learned that it isn’t worth anything.

How about all the stuff? I was looking through an old trunk today which had things from back in the ’70s and beyond. There was a list of possessions that I made, and I had a value next to each one. I was in the Air Force in 1971 and living in a trailer off base and this list had no furniture on it because we didn’t own any. The entire list was valued at what we paid for it, not what it was worth. Even so, it was less than $1200, and two guitars and an amp was $825 of the total.

When I look at what I own today that is all so silly, and yet what I own today means almost nothing in comparison to living and enjoying life. Some of the things I own can add to that enjoyment, but most do not. They are just things and they are there.

I’m listening to a wonderful new album, Cool Waters, by a Swedish acoustic guitarist named Martin Tallstrom and I am in bliss just listening to this beautiful musicianship. The smile on my whole face says so. That is worth it.

What is worth it to you? More stuff? I doubt it.

I recommend enjoying your time whether you are at work or at home or wherever you happen to be. I recommend loving your loved ones like there’s no tomorrow because there might not be one. Love. Serve. Enjoy.

Have A Blessed Weekend. Allow Joy To Wash Over You. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by being present right now.

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