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“Love is my gift to the world. 
I fill myself with love, 
and I sent that love 
out into the world.” 
— Wayne Dyer 

Just two weeks ago, as I’m sure you know, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer passed from this physical life at the age of 75. To say that he had lived a full life is a severe understatement. To say that he has touched and shared his love with millions around the globe is his ongoing legacy.

Wayne was my mentor. He was a mentor to millions. I never had the pleasure of meeting him or seeing him in person, but I have seen a lot of video from his PBS Specials, his movie, The Shift, and many others. I began reading Wayne’s books from the very first mass publication of Your Erroneous Zones and followed him through much of his career. In the last couple of years, I have read several of his books, and especially delighted in his autobiographical recent book, I Can See Clearly Now. In that book, I learned so much more about his life and it is a fascinating read, and I listened to the unabridged audio with him telling his own story. Fantastic.

I think what I liked best about Wayne was his willingness to be himself, including his human issues much of which we all have dealt with over time. To me he was real, and the real deal. He taught me so much, was passionate about other authors and helping them too, many that I read as a result of his encouragement and belief in them. He has helped mold much of my thinking, and in so many ways has improved my life by helping me be more of who I really am.

What more could you ask of a mentor? He will continue to be a mentor to me for as long as I am here. And, his messages will live a long life on their own for millions more to learn and grow from. I am a better person as a result of his desire to share his thoughts and his knowledge and his humanity.

I Am So Grateful To All My Mentors. The List Is Long. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting your gratitude flow for your teachers.

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