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Anthony Robbins Week
“If you do what you’ve always done,
you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”
“You always succeed in producing a result.”
“Whatever happens, take responsibility.”
— Anthony Robbins
To me, these three quotes go together so nicely. In order to change, we have to change. That sounds so simple and almost ridiculous, yet it remains perfectly true–there is no change without change.
The second is so simply true in that a result is always being produced, although it may not be the result we were hoping for. Of course, if we don’t change, we will produce the result we’ve been getting.
The third quote is one that I have fully embraced, and it allows the other two to exist in my mind. I have always liked how Bob Proctor says it in just a bit more depth: “I am responsible for my life, for my feelings, and for every result I get.” It wasn’t until I began accepting full responsibility for what happened in my life, that I felt that I could have something more with some degree of certainty. Now I know for sure and certain that I am responsible for my own thinking which molds every thing else.
So, I could put these all together this way: When I take responsibility for what happens in my life, I realize that in order to change, I must change, because I am always producing a result and without change and accepting responsibility for it, I will continue to have results that I do not really want. This gives me total control and I no longer feel the need to rely on other authorities to give me what I want. I can choose.
It’s Always About Our Choices, Isn’t It?
Spread Some Joy Today–Choose on purpose and take control of your life today. Accept responsibility. That will spread joy near and far.
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