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I look
at modern life and I see people not taking responsibility
for their
lives. The temptation to blame, to find external causes
to one’s
own issues is something that is particularly modern.
I know
that personally I find that sense of responsibility

— Edward

have a flash in the night of some ah-ha understanding of some subject that you
didn’t even know you were thinking about? It’s weird, but I had one last
was thinking about business, but it applies equally to our personal lives. It
was that we so often find reasons, blame things that are external to us, or to
our business that we can show as justification for the way things are. It
doesn’t really matter if they are up or down, although probably the down will be
blamed more than the up. You know what I’m talking about. . . it’s the economy,
the President, the administration, the government, the politicians, the weather,
the lack of resources, and this list could go on forever.
the thought that struck me in the middle of the night is that in my own
experience in businesses that I have managed, worked in, been around, including
my own, the external thing or things is not it. In fact, the external thing
actually has very little to do with the way things are in the business, or in
our personal lives.
is internal.
I thought about that it was as if I was transported through many years of many
businesses and many problems and much blaming and it was sped up so that I saw
about 40 years worth in just a few seconds. That was a trip! But, all of a
sudden it jumped out at me that it seemed to be always the internal that was the
example is a business I was a manager in and the market was way off, but there
were glimmers of prosperity here and there. It was easy to blame those
circumstances, but the real problem was all the internal fighting, massive egos
bouncing off one another, extremely poor decisions, slow decisions, selfish and
even unethical behavior, cheating, lying, and more. Frankly with all that
internal stuff going on, I could not see any hope of this business doing
well even if the market was on fire. Nobody seemed to care, and especially the
ones in charge. Killed from within, not from without.
see a number of small businesses that die from within by working against
themselves, not sticking to a plan of action long enough for it to work, afraid
of making decisions and more. They may blame the economy for the decision to
close the business, but the economy didn’t kill them. It was suicide.
did that in my own business back in 1981. I killed it. It was my ego not
allowing me to make better business decisions and the store was closed for
think the lesson is clear. If something is not working. Don’t look outside, but
look inside. It’s not the business climate, it’s the climate between our ears
and with each other and how we view things. Ask good questions and make none of
them about the world. The world will be what it is, but we have so much more
control than we think if we only look at the real culprit in the

It’s Not The Storm, It’s The Termites.

Spread Some Joy Today–Step one: Stop blaming anything on the outside. Step
two: Take a good look at your own behavior, attitude, and work ethic.
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