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“Some days
the silliness never ends.”
— Albert K. Strong

The Spruce Goose

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There was a time, not so long ago that I cannot remember it when I would catch my pants or shirt on something and cuss like a drunken sailor chastising the perpetrator and creating negative energy all around me. This would be especially troublesome if my clothing actually got damaged!

Now, after many, many years of spiritual awakening and study, I just laugh out loud. Then, I laugh again because it is so silly. These encounters no longer have me spewing negative vibes. No. Now I spew laughter and amazement at how these things keep happening. I’m sure that they happen to me only to bring me laughter. When my laugh-o-meter is low, the Universe seems to know it intuitively and guides me so close to the desk knobs shown above. . . and well, an encounter of the third kind.

The top picture shows how an encounter happens. Go figure that. It was a challenge to get close enough to show the potential encounter in the image, let alone have it happen without my direct permission. I’m always wearing my “uniform” as my business partner calls it. My Tommy Bahama expando waist cargo shorts that don’t care if I’m having a fat day or not, and my vast selection of Tommy Bahama casual shirts. Oh, and generally in flip-flops, but sometimes tennis shoes. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, that’s my uniform.

But the shorts are problematic in any kind of proximity to The Spruce Goose. I call this desk that because it reminds me of that huge plywood amphibious airplane that Howard Hughes built. It too is made of plywood. It weighs a lot I can tell you. I’ve had it for so long that it is scary, yet I’ve never really liked it much. It is just there. It’s always been there. I cannot even remember where it came from. More silliness.

So, I think that once I decided to stop getting upset by these kinds of encounters that the Universe has found a way to keep them coming but enjoying my new attitude so much that I am reminded often.

You Gotta Love The Universe. So Playful. So Wise. So Helpful. 

Spread Some Joy Today–because some days everything is just silliness.

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