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“The book you don’t read won’t

— Jim

I was thinking about my day and walking past one of my bookcases and thought
about picking a favorite ten to share. This is not necessarily the top ten books
I would ever recommend, but of the 150 or so books on this shelf, this was the
ten that I thought stood out to recommend for business owners, want-to-be
business owners, managers, and more. Many are relatively new, others less so,
and all are timeless as far as I’m concerned. So, here’s the list in no
particular order.
Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson. Open it anywhere and you
have some wonderful 1-3 page thoughts about business. I’ve learned a great deal
from it and it is powerful.
Failing Forward by John C Maxwell. Pretty much any book by John is a wonderful
book, but for me personally, this one was very uplifting and powerful. Highly
recommend it.
There’s No Such Thing As “Business” Ethics by John C Maxwell. Amen!
Purple Cow by Seth Godin. Be one!
Leadership Is An Art by Max DePree. One of my most favorite books of all time.
Buy it. Read it. Re-read it periodically.
The Little Big Things by Tom Peters. Tom is all about excellence and finding
ways to exercise our excellence. The benefits are obvious and he gives 163 ways
in the great book.
Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. Tony is the CEO of Zappos and this book is a
very powerful book for business owners to savor.
Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections. This has become the
networking bible and a standard in the industry. It is a must have.
Social Boom! by Jeffrey Gitomer. How to master business social media and easy to
digest at the same time.
It’s a three-peat for Jeffrey Gitomer with one of the best business books to
ever hit the market. If you only bought one book on the list, buy this one. The
title is Customer Satisfaction Is Worthless. Customer Loyalty Is
it is. Maybe next time, I’ll pick another top ten to share. These are so worth
the time to read and even study. A most excellent selection indeed.

Leaders Are Readers!

Spread Some Joy Today–Read a great book. Maybe one of these.
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