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“You cannot teach people anything.
You can only help them discover it within themselves."
— Galileo
This might be your experience as well, but when I really want to teach something to someone because I know how much it will benefit them, I might as well be talking to a wall. It doesn’t get in. But, have them have even a small desire to learn it and flows in and fills right up.
This proves what Galileo said, ‘You cannot teach people anything. You can only help them discover it within themselves.’
I think that even as we teach a receptive student, it seems to me that they are not so much learning anything new but remembering something they already knew but weren’t allowing in because they weren’t ready.
That reminds me of a number of students I have had where they could repeat what was said and taught, but when you asked a question that required them to think it through, they had no understanding, only memorization.
So what to do? First, I think learning is something that cannot be forced but only encouraged. Second, don’t worry about the ones who aren’t ready. Third, keep going. Fourth, continue to expand your own learning and understanding to be able to state the same thing in many different ways.
There’s been quite a number of times where I’ve heard the same thing many different times and then it was stated in a certain way that was different, and all of a sudden, it is as if I learned it for the first time. It’s the Eureka! moment.
Many teachers are easily distracted and frustrated by reluctant students, but they need not be. It’s not up to them, except to be the best they can be. Everything else is up to the student.
When The Student Is Ready, Teaching May Begin.
Spread Some Joy Today–A belief is a thought you keep thinking. To change a belief, just gradually change your thoughts. Pretty easy.
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