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“Love is, above all, 
the gift of oneself.” 
— Jean Anouilh 

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[Classic post from 3-28-15]

I love this quote, and I would add something to make it even more interesting and important: Love is, above all, a gift TO oneself. It is entirely a selfish interest although we think otherwise generally. Yet it is very much a gift to ourselves.

Here is an interesting excerpt from a workshop by Abraham, Esther Hicks on March 9th, 2001: “The person that needs to do something is not that person. The person that needs to do something is you! Some of those people in your life do not deserve your good thoughts. In other words, “They are bad. They are evil. They are wrong! They are inappropriate. They do not deserve your good thoughts,” and you stubbornly are not going to give them any. They may not deserve your good thoughts. But you do. You deserve your good thoughts about them. This is what the Art of Allowing is. It’s allowing my own Well-Being.” 

One of the things that is most beneficial to remember is that our feelings and our thoughts are our own. It’s not about what someone or some country, or some anything did or is doing to us. It is what we choose to think about that.

Often we think that we do not choose this, but we do. Somehow we think that this act, this person, this country invaded us and caused us to feel a certain way and to think a certain way, but they do not. We choose what to think and our emotions about that tell us how we are thinking about this.

If we are in alignment with the Source within us, we will have good feelings. If we are having bad feelings–anger, resentment, hate, blame, worry, and such, then we are out of alignment or in disagreement with the Source within us.

No matter what, it comes back home to our own thought and our own emotion that is caused within ourselves, not from someone else, or some act, or some philosophy. It is of our own creation.

At the same time, that is true of love and all the good feeling emotions. We caused that. We chose the thoughts, and the good feeling comes from our alignment within ourselves with the Source within us. 

We are the ones who deserve to feel good. We are the only ones who can claim that prize. The only way to claim it is by allowing all others to do or be or have whatever they choose, while we choose our own. It’s not just a matter of letting go, it is more a matter of feeling good about them by allowing them to be whatever they choose to be, and this will ensure our own good feelings within ourselves.

Love Is After All And Above All A Gift To Ourselves. So Give It Freely!

Spread Some Joy Today–by very selfishly choosing love.

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