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“The best is yet to come.”

— William Shakespeare

When I see a movie with Helen Mirren in it, I am continually amazed at how she continues to grow and become more, to be even more at her craft and be sexy at the same time. She’s an amazing person and talent.

I grew up with The Beatles and I could play pretty much any album and start singing the next song without looking at the record sleeve. We all had them memorized and in the perfect order. Though they were so good in the beginning, it was fascinating and is still fascinating with Paul McCartney to see how they got better and better and better.

I look back at my own life and see vast improvement, increased skill, and wisdom. It is a joy to become more.

Back in 1983, I wrote and recorded a song (still have a 45 rpm record of it) that was titled, The Best Is Yet To Come. It was a song to my first wife (interesting how we number them. . . I’m only up to two though. . .). We had a very interesting and struggled relationship for 16 years and she has gone on to become so much more than she would have been with me. I rejoice in that.

I think that as long as we keep the majority of our focus in looking forward, trying, doing, falling down, getting up, trying the new, practicing, we grow and become more. Conversely, I think when we look to the ‘good old days’ and focus more attention on what was, we don’t grow and become as we could.

When will I get better? Today and tomorrow. What is my best work? It is yet to come. How will I expand my talents? With practice. There’s an interesting quote I ran across about practice which reminded me of a movie I love called Julie & Julia. The quote is by Bill Buford: “You don’t learn knife skills at cooking school, because they give you only six onions and no matter how hard you focus on those six onions there are only six, and you’re not going to learn as much as when you cut up a hundred.”

“Youth Has No Age.” — Pablo Picasso

Spread Some Joy Today–Find the joy in today. It is always there.

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