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“Probably the most
misunderstood law of
lasting success is that
it’s not done alone,
and it is not accomplished
just for you.”

— Vincent

created my own business in January of 2008. Within less than three months, I had
given away 50% of it. I didn’t sell it or put it up as collateral. I gave it
way. Today, I’ve given away 60% and I’m working toward 90%. To a lot of people
that doesn’t make any sense, but to me it makes perfect sense and I am committed
to it taking place.
reason? It has to do with a word I learned many years ago. The word is synergy.
Synergy is the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect
that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc. In
other words, by bringing others in, we are much more than we are by
is simple. I wanted me and this creation to be more than I could possibly make
it on my own. I want to surround myself with smart, enthusiastic people who may
have a vision greater than my own. I want to share my excitement with others who
not only get that, but love to hear it and it spurs them on as well.
I’m picky about who I give the company to. It’s not just anybody. They have to
rock! They have to help take us where we were never before. And, that is exactly
what has happened, and that is so exciting.
all the employers I’ve ever worked for wanted to keep the whole thing for
themselves. That’s okay, but it is limiting in my mind. I’ve always thought that
companies that bring people in allowed a different kind of growth and quality
change, but also was a way of sharing the success with key people that have a
vested interest in continued success. I know those I’ve–scratch that–we’ve
brought in are just that.
you have your own company, or if you begin your own company, I highly recommend
considering the synergy that can come from giving your company away–to the
right people, of course.

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