Daily Inspiration 8-8-19

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“It is natural that you thrive,
and the resources are there
for all to thrive.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

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We cannot push against anything and then at the same time want it for ourselves and expect to get it. Even if we would make different choices with our money, pushing against someone who has it will only block it from coming to us. We must praise those who have succeeded. The word excessive is simply a judgment on our part of the lack of abundance in our lives. It doesn’t matter if we are more giving and we would have given a lot of it away and the other is using it for his or her own joy. Morality isn’t an issue here. We simply cannot put others down, push against their choices and then draw abundance to ourselves.

Abraham: “It is natural that you thrive, and the resources are there for all to thrive. But chronic thoughts of shortage, or chronic thoughts of pushing against those who are thriving, hold you in contradiction to your own desires and, more important, to what you have put into your Vortex of Creation for yourself.”

Next time you see people bashing the rich, criticizing anything or anyone, allow them their opinion without any input from you. If you want well-being for yourself, focus on your own joy for those who have achieved and done well because you want well-being and abundance for yourself.

Praise What You Want. Focus There. Let Everyone Else Do As They Choose. And Then See What Happens!

Spread Some Joy Today–by lifting yourself and others up to the abundance that they would choose. There is no shortage except as we choose that.

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