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“Stop giving energy 
to the things 
you don’t believe in.” 

— Wayne Dyer 

Continuing with Wayne Dyer’s book, There’s A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem, the chapter 4 title is the quote above and it leaped off the page at me hitting me right between the eyes so to speak. I know that there are many things that I don’t really believe in, yet I have given them far too much energy anyway, and it wasn’t to my benefit in the least.

At the top of this chapter, there is a wonderful and telling quote by Michelangelo where he says, “I began to understand that the promises of the world are for the most part vain phantoms and that to have faith in oneself and become something of worth and value is the best and safest course.” We so often give energy where it does us only harm and forget the true power that we have in ourselves and in our connection to God or the Universe in the process.

Wayne tells us, “keep in mind the central principle that guides your lifetime in this material universe–as you think so shall you be–seven little words that form the basis for transforming your life. Everything begins with a thought.” He adds, “How you look upon the world and the images you have within you determine what you will get in your life. And make no mistake about it, all your thoughts form a bastion of energy that you radiate outward to create the circumstances of your life.”

This particular post speaks to harnessing our own innate power by giving our energy to what we want rather than to what at the moment is called reality. Since everything begins in the invisible, for us to focus on the visible and use that as a determination of how we are going to feel or act, is just what Michelangelo was referring to I’m sure. He was choosing to focus on his own power, his own connection to God rather than to what he sees around him in the world.

In our “real world,” we might be a salesperson who is not doing so well and is focused on the “reality” of not doing so well and creating fantasies of what the bosses are thinking and when the ax will fall and a hundred other scenarios. But, if we trust that we are in this position and that we have access to the power of God through our connection there, and we know that God is good and wants nothing but good for us, how can we possibly get so down? Only by looking at what we don’t believe in. Or, is it that we do believe in that and not the connection with God or the Universe?

There are untold numbers of references I could entertain here about business and personal relationships, even International conflicts. It all comes down to what we choose to give our energy to. Truly, others only make choices for us when we relinquish control to them, otherwise, we are in full control–and in all cases, we are in full control of what we choose to think.

We Can Trust Ourselves And Our Connection To Source, Or We Can Choose Otherwise. It Is Always A Choice. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Accept your power and make your own choices.

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