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“On the way to work,
concentrate on the
not on the work . .

— Jim

I heard the word frustrated. It is a word I have known all to well in my life.
I’ve used it often and yet never looked it up. Today I did, just for kicks. It’s
origin is the mid-15th century and means to deceive, disappoint, and in vain, or
in error. As a verb, it is used to hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or
desires) of one, or to upset, agitate, or tire. All that seems perfectly clear,
but how I’ve always thought of the word was disappointment.
recent years, I’ve found a better way to understand the word and the feeling
that exists when frustration is experienced. It is this: frustration is purely a
judgement word. I am making judgement on a situation. I am judging that the
situation, circumstances or events are not to my liking, so I judge that I do
not like being in this space at this time.
addition, I typically make a judgement of guilt. This means that someone is to
blame for this condition, and it is pretty much never my fault. It is not
necessarily a conspiracy, although it certainly can feel like that.
So I
am here experiencing not wanting to be here and someone else is to blame
and that makes me not want to be here more, and I feel like I can’t do anything
about it, or rather, the things I could do about it are in vain or of no avail.
Consequently, it is like going around in a circle over and over
used to be upset for many hours about situations like this I found myself in.
Sometimes it might last days, or weeks. I would even share it with my friends
for some sort of sympathy, but that never really seemed to help.
As I’ve
learned from Eckhart Tolle and The Power of Now, the way to solve this is to
fully accept the now without judgement. It is what it is. I love that phrase. It
is what it is. When I accept without judgement, there is no escalation of
emotions, I can see the situation as just that–a current situation. At this
point, I can deal with it in whatever way I can at the present moment. If it is
not something that can be dealt with immediately, then I don’t escalate
it beyond what it really is and just do the best I can with what I have right
only comes from judging that I am not where I want to be or that something is
not what I want it to be and I feel that it is keeping me from having what I
want and this creates the feeling of frustration. But, by just chilling for a
few moments to accept the situation in all its glory as what it is without
making it into something it isn’t, I can move along nicely, and perhaps even
work though it effectively.

I Always Get To Choose How I Will Feel.
I Judge.

Spread Some Joy Today–At least for a part of the day, try not judging
anything. Let it be as it is and not something more. Let people be who they are
and not someone else.
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