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“Your problem is you’re . . .
too busy holding onto your unworthiness.”
— Ram Dass
I think this is an important and enlightening quote from Ram Dass. I’ve known a number of people who held onto their unworthiness, and one of those people was me.
Unworthiness can be a particularly tough challenge to overcome because it has a tendency to sort of take over a person’s life and begins affecting so many decisions, or more likely, lack of decisions. Opportunities are missed without notice, and if they are pointed out by others, it only reinforces the unworthy feeling. There’s this whole encompassing attitude of “that’s not me.”
My experience is that much, if not all of this comes from lack of encouragement, especially at a young age. It is a learning experience and when someone hears over and over again, how they have failed, how they can’t do this or that, how they’re not old enough, smart enough, good enough, pretty enough, just not enough, that builds into a wall made of steel reinforced concrete.
The good news is that it can be changed. The bad news is that you have to change. The good news is you can do it. The only question is will you? So, here’s the formula:
1. Decide you want to change.
2. Pretend in your mind and in your words and on paper that you are worthy, smart, good looking, successful, important, and resourceful. Pretend you’re an actor playing the role of the confident, successful, joyful person that you know you can be.
3. Get around people who inspire, uplift, and humor you. Get around as many as you can. At the same time, let go of the naysayers. Walk away and don’t bother with them. You need people who see your talent and value.
4. Enjoy your new life. Enjoy the process. Build on each success. Become the actor permanently.
You are worthy. There is no question about it. You don’t need approval.
God loves us the way we are. Remember that.
I’m Worthy. I’m Worthy. I’m Worthy.
Spread Some Joy Today–Sometimes, just a small shift in confidence is all that is needed to overcome doubt and despair. Don’t turn the dark switch on. Turn the light switch on.
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