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“The world is not getting crazier. 
As you grow in sanity, 
you recognize how insane 
the world has always been.” 

— Alan Cohen 

When I first read this quote above, I thought how true it seemed to me, and at the same time, I thought, how untrue it is.

I’ll start with how true it seemed to me. The newspaper, and now online news, which is certainly more popular today, hasn’t changed its perspective. It is the same. News is typically at least 90% negative–what’s wrong, who did what, disasters, crime and punishment, unfulfilled punishment, local, regional, national, and international. And now, of course, we live in an era of instant news, almost everyone has a video camera, but generally speaking from what is shared and promoted is about the same as it was when the printing press was invented.

As I grow in my own personal sanity, I see that the world is not crazier now, but has always been crazy in this way. In fact, as an amateur history buff, it is easy for me to see the craziness throughout the history I’ve tip-toed through. This years presidential election is fascinatingly crazy, but there have been even crazier ones in the past.

What’s different in sanity is the joy these things bring me. I laugh many times every single time I read the paper. It used to get me down, but now I find it hilarious at times. Like yesterday, there was a local very short article about a guy who went into a famous grocery store chain and is suing them because he says that they left a wood pallet in the isle and he got his foot caught in it and caused him to get medical treatment. He’s suing for loss of work, medical expenses, and of course, the all-important general damages. I tell you that I laughed out loud for many minutes reading that one. Who knew there was such comedy in the daily news? I only recently have discovered the comedy via my personal sanity.

OK. On to why it’s not true. It’s not true because I see with different eyes. In the 2-5 minutes that I spend perusing the newspaper, relative to my whole day of awakeness, that is a minuscule amount of time and focus. What I see in the 99+% of my day is not crazy at all. In fact, it is increasingly delightful.

I think that I’ve finally taken the affirmation on my wall from Abraham, Esther Hicks to heart. It says, “Today, no matter where I’m going and no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent to see that which I am wanting to see.” And so, that is true. I am seeing what I want to see.

I want to see every single person as a beautiful person, to compliment something about them mentally, to appreciate one or more things about them when I see them, to smile and enjoy their eyes as they see my smile, and they turn on their smile. And, because that is what I want, that is what I see more and more of every day.

I see things to learn, and things to share here in these Daily Inspirations. I see commerce and people helping people with products and services. I see people revving their motors, moving quickly, and even saw a pickup truck burning rubber around a corner yesterday. Of course, it’s pretty easy to burn rubber in a pickup, but hey, it was cool. I thought maybe he was pissed off at something, but why he did it is none of my concern; however, enjoying the display was.

I see the sky, and birds flying, and airplanes overhead (Travis AFB is just a few miles away). I hear the busy I-80 freeway. I hear a siren and see an emergency vehicle getting a rush out of their normal boredom. I see traffic everywhere, people going places, around town or on their way across the country. I notice how early the “parking lot” fills on Friday heading east. The commute begins before noon on Fridays.

I walk Charlie and smell the wonderful food smells from the nearby restaurants. I see the beautiful sidewalk that I get to walk on, the landscaping all around the business complex, the leaves giving shade on a warm, sunny day. I see pretty women where ever I go, and I also see handsome men. I enjoy the physicalness of what I see, but I know that beneath that facade there is an energy vibrating with such power. I see people living, moving, doing, being, enjoying, not enjoying. Sometimes my smile helps them remember, sometimes they are intent on their perspective, and either way, it is delightful to me.

I so enjoy my life now. Every day is a wonderful experience. Everywhere I am, I am there.

Mundane Is No Longer Possible. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by enjoying all of the life energy within and all around you.

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