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“By recognition of its existence, 
we invite the power to be known by us.” 

— Wayne Dyer 

I was just beginning another Wayne Dyer book from 2001 called, There Is A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem, and on page 5 of the first chapter, I ran across some outstanding advice that goes way beyond just this book, but is a perfect affirmation or statement to God or the Universe for a lot of things that we perhaps know a little bit about but not much more.

Here’s the quote: “For example, in this first step when you are faced with a problem, I suggest that you create a personal affirmation such as: ‘I may not know exactly how to access the spiritual solution here, but I fully recognize that a spiritual solution exists.’ By recognition of its existence, we invite the power to be known by us.”

I don’t know about you, but I know in my life that when I have a problem (and that is a very wide field), I am constantly seeking solutions through thinking, logic, comparing the past with the present, hoping for a better future, and so much more. In all respects, I am trying to solve it myself–and frankly, not doing a very good job of it either.

But with the sage advice of Dr. Wayne Dyer and others, we can simply accept that we don’t have the answers, give it to God or the Universe so to speak, and allow the answers to come from a place we may not fully understand.

In real-world terms, it is like a guy (like so many of us ‘guys’) who is a bit lost on a trip and yet refuses to ask for help for directions. We ‘guys’ know of what I speak. We think we can figure it out. After all, how hard can it be? I used to be a pilot so I know north, south, east and west and I can sort of see myself from above to aid me finding things, but then, sometimes I can’t. Even on a recent trip to SoCal when I got lost at around midnight, I thought I knew what to do. But, truly, I needed help.

So Wayne’s advice is wonderful because it encourages us to allow for help from the source, or rather the Source of everything who has the power and the full knowledge of what we need when we need it. And, even though we get in the way and try to take charge sometimes, the real answer for us is in letting go and letting God.

I Am Open To Guidance And Support. I Recognize The Power That Exists That Is In Full Support Of Me. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by going from not feeling so good to feeling a little bit better, then a little bit more and more, until soon enough, you are in joy. So INJOY!

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