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Special Note To CTS Daily Inspiration Readers:

First of all, THANK YOU for being a reader and thank you for all the wonderful comments that I’ve received over the last four years.

It has been suggested by many people that I create a book out of the CTS Daily Inspirations. I had mixed feelings about this. As people have continued to make the suggestion of the book, I had an idea that I think would make this an interesting and unique book. If many of you who are readers, have been touched by one or more of the inspirational messages, wrote about what inspirations inspired you, encouraged change and growth and generally how they affected you in a positive uplifting way, I would gather these into what I think would be an interesting and powerful book. If you are interested, please send them to me in an email to tminion@commercialtrucksuccess.com. I will include this message for about one month so that all can see it. Feel free to send as many as you like and I will keep you posted on the progress of this idea.

“No more “supposed tos,” OK?

You’re not supposed to work harder,
look better,

sleep less, sell more, run faster,

talk slower,

be happier, stay longer, leave earlier,

cook, clean,

negotiate, settle, start, stop, move,


win, shake, rattle or roll.

Other people made all that up.

I love you the way you are,

The Universe.”

— Mike Dooley, AKA, The Universe

Some people have told me that one of my Daily Inspirations came at just the right moment and was as if it was speaking personally to them. I too get several daily inspirational messages and have that same feeling. Last night when I normally do the Daily Inspirations, I came up blank. I don’t write just to write, but I want it to be something I deal with or have recently dealt with so that it is just a bit personal. Since I was drawing a blank, I went to bed. This morning, I got this message from Mike Dooley of www.tut.com.

Sometimes I feel like the world is on my shoulders and it is really just a bunch of things that I have felt like I should be or could be or didn’t do or did wrong, or things I should stop, or start, or pause, or let go of. I would love to go backward in time and fix things knowing full well, that could never work except in the movies. I have a list of things that I think I need to do when the reality is that I don’t need to do any of them.

The truth is that virtually all of this is self-imposed rather than being imposed by others on me. I become my own worst enemy. In Transactional Analysis, that is being the ‘critical parent’ and I just beat myself up until I give up, in or just walk away.

Today I don’t let it go too far because of being aware that I am doing this to myself, but I still feel it and experience it for a while, and all the time it feels crappy to say it mildly.

A better way is to make a list of things we’ve done, good thoughts we’ve thought, love we’ve spread, love we’ve felt that brings an instant smile to our face when we think of it. It’s wonderful to make a book of appreciation and write out all the things that we appreciate about ourselves, and others, as well as things in our lives. I know this and I know how powerful it is, and I don’t do it enough.

So today and especially yesterday is a reminder to me through my awareness that I would serve myself well by doing more of this right now. So, as I am writing this, I have one of those smiles on my face that feels like it is affecting my entire being. It is joy. It is love. It is peace. It is contentment. It is perfection. In this moment, there is nothing I want or need, nor any to-do lists. I can pause and take advantage of this anytime I want. Right now, I choose this.

The Best Answer Is Always Love. Let It Start On Myself.

Spread Some Joy Today–Get that full-body smile going on!

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