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“Success is a choice,
and so is lack of
And the universe or
doesn’t care which one you
it will give you either

— Vincent

I had the book I mentioned in yesterday’s message still out, I looked at some of
my notes. (Personal notes in books can be very helpful next time you pick it
up.) I ran across a big star I put next to a paragraph that ended with the quote
above. The book is The Spirituality of Success by Vincent Roazzi.
the early part of it: Referring to his garden as an example, he says, “I have
found that the only way to get a tomato to grow in my garden is to make a
concerted effort to achieve that result. I have to plant a tomato seed. I have
to take action. Inasmuch as that action is revealing in and of itself, what is
even more revealing are the results of my inaction. If I don’t plant tomatoes, I
get weeds. My vegetable garden contains the possibility of both tomatoes and
weeds, and it doesn’t care which one it produces. I have the power to determine
which one I will harvest. My planting of the tomato seed is an action, but my
inaction to not plant the seed is also an action. In other words, doing nothing
is still doing something, although that fact escapes most people.”
interesting to thoroughly contemplate this quote and how many times we may say
we want something, but fail to plant the seeds, and/or fail to take the action
necessary to achieve the desired result. I can relate to that absolutely.
However, what is the most fascinating gem that I glean from this piece is this:
“my vegetable garden contains the possibility of both tomatoes and
weeds, and it doesn’t care which one it produces.”
really brings home the idea that whatever our situation is, it really is a
choice. How often do we somehow think that the garden cares what it produces? A
choice to plant or not to plant; to act, and not to act; to follow through, or
let it go. I found this a very worthwhile section to spend a little time

Here’s To Accepting Responsibility For Our Part. .

Spread Some Joy Today–When no one is looking, begin praising quietly
everything that you see that pleases you in any way, then when someone is
looking, they will be very curious what you are up to.
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