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“Exhilaration is that feeling you get just after a great idea
hits you, and just before you realize what’s wrong with it.”
— Joe Moore
You may be like me in that I have done this so many hundreds of times in my life: had a great idea, was all enthusiastic about the possibilities and then just as quickly picked it apart until it was completely obliterated. Or, maybe I would “allow” someone else to do that last part for me and then I just had to agree with their impeccable logic and insight into the reality of facts, figures, and proper choices.
Nonetheless, the exhilaration was still there. And though it may have been ever so brief, at least I experienced that moment or two of doing anything I wanted to do and being successful and excellent at it. Now, just think what might happen if, even though we may talk ourselves out of it, we had these glorious exhilarating experiences many times each day. Heck, we might even start to believe them instead of scoff at them. We might even relish the joy and damn the reality. We might even ignore reality. . .
What?????? Ignore reality? Ignore what is? Ignore the facts? Ignore the numbers? Ignore the past experiences of others? Ignore the wisdom of the ages (or so it may be expressed)? Ignore such great advice and the opinion of those who might love me? Ignore all of that?
Yes. It can be done and it is even a good thing to be done, because though they mean well, they do harm. Though they act like they want to help, they are pulling the rope in the opposite direction, so they are fighting me. I do enough of that with myself (although, so little any more. . .), that I surely don’t need anyone else to help.
Let the exhilaration begin! . . .and thrive!
Some Might Say That It’s Not About Feeling Good. I Say Let Them Have Their Way. . . With Themselves, Alone. As For Me, I Choose Feeling Good!
Spread Some Joy Today–You will find that if you practice it just a while that learning how to feel good as much of the time as possible–indeed, all the time if possible–will guide you so well that you will wonder why it took so long to learn it. It’s AWESOME!
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