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“Anxiety doesn’t attack.”
— Dr. Wayne Dyer

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There is natural well-being and the lack of well-being, and the lack of well-being can and will help us to focus on the well-being we desire. Or not. It is always and only our own choice whether we are looking at events of the world, or events at our workplace or home.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said a long time ago that, “anxiety doesn’t attack.” Yet many hold to the idea that it does, and that many things come into our life indiscriminately. Anxiety is simply a response to our choice of thought which is out of alignment with our own inner knowing, or our God within. It causes us to know what we do want, but then the choice is our own to focus on the illness or the health, the joy or the pain, the love or the justice, what feels good or the lack of that.

The Choice Is Always Our Own. Anxiety Doesn’t Attack. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing your well-being rather than the lack of it.

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