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The Path To Compassion: 

“People are doing the best that they can 
from their own level of consciousness.” 
— Deepak Chopra 

I was briefly thinking about compassion, and at the same time, I saw this quote from Deepak Chopra above, and I thought, how perfect this quote is to help understand compassion better.

I think compassion is one of those things that seems to get confused with sympathy, empathy, a desire to help; to be of service; to appreciate. When I hear people talking on compassion, I see this confusion, and I thought how nice it would be to clarify it more.

Everyone is on their own path, at their own level of consciousness as Deepak describes, and basically, as we appreciate their position, we can understand them just a little better and offer our love as a fellow traveler. Though we may be on two diverse wavelengths or vibrational points of view, we are different and yet we are one.

It’s not about agreeing with their position, but it is about appreciating where they happen to be and blessing them where they stand. It’s not about being above or below them on the road to more enlightenment, it is simply appreciating where they are right this moment, appreciating them for who they are, sharing our love with them in this respect.

It means that I am where I am and you are where you are and I appreciate where you are and respect where you are and love you where you are, and at the same time if I can be of any service that is meaningful to you, this I am prepared to do as I am able. It’s not about saving them from anything. They probably don’t need to be saved. And, that is a judgment call anyway. It is the awareness of them, the respect with their current place and loving them where they are right now.

Compassion is expressing dignity. I like how Rick Bragg said, “Every life deserves a certain amount of dignity, no matter how poor or damaged the shell that carries it.” It’s really easy to be compassionate when people are in need, and a bit more of a challenge to be compassionate about people who we are in disagreement with, or even complete disagreement with. It’s harder to be compassionate about someone who is acting like an enemy.

It’s not about help, although help might be desired, and if we are able, then helping is how we can be of great value. It is so much more about respect, acknowledgment of another as part of the whole. Dignity is a great way to honor it in another. Equality in life, though not necessarily circumstances, yet the circumstances may not be in pursuit of change. And finally, and overshadowing all is is simply and delightfully love. And in the case of those disagreeable ones especially, it is a matter of unconditional love. That would also be compassion.

Having Compassion For All Others Knowing We Are All One. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Delight in your appreciation of all that is around you.

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