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“The pursuit of knowledge is a fallacy.
All you wish to know you
already know.
If you wish to
This is the spirituality of

— Vincent M

was looking at some books on my shelf and a book I read about two years ago
jumped out at me to share with you. I have read a lot of books about success,
being successful, becoming wealthy and such, but this book made a substantially
larger impact on me than most of the others. It has a sort of odd title compared
to the normal stuff in this category. It is The Spirituality of Success by
Vincent M Roazzi. I highly recommend it and found much of value in it for
myself, such as the quote above.
sort of always known that when I study something to the point that I can teach
it, that I’ve gone to an other area of knowledge. By the act of teaching it, I
become more. I’ve talked of that briefly before. Vincent put a bit of a twist on
it, in that we already know and our knowing comes alive by teaching, or sharing
goes on to say that “to experience the knowledge you already have, teach. That
is, give it away.” He moves further with “If you wish to experience affluence in
your life, make it appear in the lives of others. In the act of giving comes the
receiving.” Finally, he adds, “success is not a condition of life, it is a state
of mind. . . it’s who the person is. This is the spirituality of
drug rehab at age 36, Vincent made a decision to change and completely changed
his life and through his teaching and sharing the lives of countless others. I
think it is a must for the best of the best books on your bookshelf.

“Success Is Not Achieved Through Exterior Changes.”
— Vincent Roazzi

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