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“Prosperity depends more on wanting what you have
than having what you want.”
— Geoffrey F Abert
I’ve been feeling prosperous lately, and I realized that this is a new feeling. I’ve been a part of chasing money most of my life and though I caught some of it, it wasn’t like it made much of a difference in the way I felt. I could just buy more stuff, pay things ahead, make different plans. So, I’m not indicating that having money is in anyway bad, because in fact, I liked having more money after all. But I didn’t really feel so much more prosperous. Instead, I started setting my sight higher.
A lot of people in the last few years have gone backward financially, or at least they are more concerned about where they are and the strength of their position and so on. I think we associate being less prosperous with having less than we once had. I suppose that would be true in the other direction as well. And, if you lined 10 people up to judge your prosperity, it may be judged as many as ten different ways. It is a matter of opinion for sure.
But you know, I’ve had a revelation about prosperity of late, and it’s interesting to me to say the least. I would have to admit that based on the financial past, I’ve slid down a few rungs, but what’s fascinating about that is that I feel more prosperous than at the highest point I’ve ever experienced.
Why? Because I have realized that prosperity has no monetary or any level values. It is purely a feeling. To feel prosperous is to be prosperous. To not feel prosperous is to not be prosperous. What’s even more than this is that it is just like the quote above: Prosperity depends more on wanting what I have, than having what I want.
It’s a fallacy that one has to be unhappy or displeased with where one is at in order to move toward something better as if it is all about motivation. I think the opposite is more true.
One thing about this is certain–I like feeling prosperous! I like feeling that I don’t need anymore, but that will never stop my desire for more. In fact, my desires for change will never stop and that is a good thing, and being appreciative of what I have and where I am is the surest springboard to seeing more of them come true in reality.
So feeling prosperous is mainly a decision, not a circumstance. If I appreciate what I have however much it may be, I am prosperous.
I Toast Your Prosperity! May You Carry That Feeling With You All Of Your Life!
Spread Some Joy Today–Appreciation and prosperity are one in the same. You prosper by what what and mow much you appreciate. Any time you think you might want to question this reality, the first question should be, “compared to what?”
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