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“What one thing can I do
to make better
use of my time so I
completely eliminate
the reason I feel so

— Cheryl

I deal with so many businesses, I see many people who are overwhelmed often, and
some pretty much constantly. It isn’t a good feeling for them, and in fact, it
is counterproductive quite often, yet the busy-ness remains at peak levels
anyway. They feel out of control, I’m sure.
so many cases, we are doing the majority of the work for our clients, and yet in
order to help them the best, we need their participation and attention in short
segments periodically, and with some we find that a very difficult task because
they are always overwhelmed and have no time for us to help
remembered Cheryl Richardson’s wonderful book called The Art of Extreme
Self-Care and I loved this quote above of a question she asked herself to get
control of her overwhelment. It very well may be one thing that will do the
trick, but one thing now and one thing next week and then another and it can be
completely cared for pretty quickly if desired.
other thought that came to me is that often people feel a need to do what I call
compartmentalize things into blocks of time, often larger blocks than they
need. Sometimes they might want to set aside several hours or half a day, when
30 minutes would be just enough. But by wanting to compartmentalize the time
into blocks, they have to plan for that time and they have a hard time finding
the time because of their busy-ness.
I’m also finding is that the higher up the person in the business structure, the
more flexible they are with their time. Certainly they’re busy, but they are
willing and maybe even eager to integrate things into their schedules. They
don’t seem to have the same need of compartmentalizing it, so they can take 15
minutes here, 30 minutes there, or maybe even just 7 minutes will do the job
nicely, then they are back on to what they have going on.
people are so busy knocking themselves out trying to do everything they think
they should do, they never get around to what they could do to help themselves
out of that situation. Cheryl Richardson might have some of those answers.

If You Can Find The Time To Read Her Book . .

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