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Growth Week
“Life is change.
Growth is optional.
Choose wisely.”
— Karen Kaiser Clark
“When you blame others,
you give up your power to change.”
— Dr Robert Anthony
I’m trying on some different ideas about change because I think they are interesting as these two quotes are together.
How can one grow without change? Change and growth are one in the same it seems to me, so to have growth change is a given. And one of the things that doesn’t allow for change is abdicating responsibility to others. One of the most common and classic ways we do that is by finding fault or blaming others.
I really work at accepting responsibility for my own thoughts and resultant actions or decisions in my life now, but in days of old, I blamed with gusto. Heck, I couldn’t get the job because that idiot was in the way and why did they hire that idiot anyway? Anyone can see if they just looked that he is a loser, ya know? Heck, the stupid decisions these guys make it’s a wonder they’re still in business. Then, they bring in the son who hasn’t got a clue, and what do they expect? Or it was higher up: That idiot Nixon should be run out of town, along with that actor fella Reagan who’s always looking like he just swallowed a goldfish, and that Bush guy with his points of light and the kinder gentler nation and all, and the Obama nation, the Clinton fiasco, and well. . . since I’ve been able to read and hear, I haven’t heard one of those Presidents that had their stuff together. . . and besides, who should we blame? Can’t be me! I didn’t make this mess. . .
Sounds harsh, but all of that was real and I hear it today with just as much blame as ever. The only thing that has changed is the name that we blame. And, of course, we blame others in much smaller ways. Like when something of yours goes missing, doesn’t the first thought look for a culprit? Or, they forgot to pick up your trash today? Or the power went off, or. . . and the list goes on.
All of those things; that blaming of others for what is affecting us, have a tendency to hold us where we are and not allow change. Consequently, growth is slow in coming at best. The solution is to begin the process of consciously choosing to not blame anyone or anything, and to accept responsibility whenever that is possible. As that power is exercised growth is an obvious and joyous result.
Happiness Is Having More Control And Less Powerlessness.
Spread Some Joy Today–Begin to pay attention to any blaming of any kind that you might do today. Many times we don’t even realize we’re doing it. Watch the change in you when you decide to stop blaming entirely. It’s a joyous responsibility.
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