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The most valuable lessons 
I have ever learned in my life! 

“Happiness is 
not something to pursue. 
Happiness is 
something we accept.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. . . Great words from the Declaration of Independence. And, of course, the word pursuit can mean to chase after, or expend effort to secure or obtain, or it can be like an occupation, pastime, or better stated, a way of living. To have our life; our inherent right to live, to be free, and to choose happiness; live in happiness.

Happiness is not something the pursue. The pursuit of it would only attract more pursuit of it, rather like a dog chasing its own tail. It is not something that is outside of us. It is not in a thing, a circumstance, or and event, location, or another person. Happiness is not finding the right person. Happiness is not finding the right circumstances. Happiness is not achievement or success. Although, all of these are often promoted in advertising, and in other means, as if this were true.

Happiness is 100% totally an inside job. It is something we choose and accept. We could be on death row and in these dire circumstances choose to be happy. We could be the wealthiest person on the planet and not be happy. In every person, happiness is always and readily available as we choose it and accept it individually. Life, liberty, and thereby the ability to choose happiness.

When we find things that please us, we feel good because the thoughts we have about those found things are pleasing thoughts, or we could say, happy thoughts. It isn’t the thing that makes us happy, it is the thought we have of the thing. When we are attracted to another person, we feel good, or we could say, they make us happy, but what it really is is the thoughts we have about that encounter that creates the feeling we might call happiness.

Yet, we are free to choose happiness in any moment, at any time, with or without external stimuli. Happiness is simply, and exquisitely, a choice to have a happy thought–to think thoughts that feel good or feel happy, or to feel that stronger feeling of happiness that is called joy.

We can choose happiness while waiting in line, while getting a root canal, taking a shower, driving our car, or whatever. All we do is to choose a thought that feels good.

If you’ve been to church, you might have heard the phrase, God is good. All. The. Time. It is common for the pastor to say the first part and the congregation to yell out the last part. It feels good to hear it and say it, because it is true. I love how Abraham, Esther Hicks explains that feeling good is being in alignment with our Inner Being, or it could equally be stated as Immanuel, or God within, and that when we are not feeling good, we are then out of alignment, and that this inner guidance can accurately, effectively, and divinely direct our lives.

That would mean that feeling happiness is in alignment with God, or Inner Knowing, The Universe, All That Is, or any name that pleases you. You can feel that matching vibration within your body, and mind. This alignment is why happiness is such a valuable thing for us. It is why it is worthy of pursuit, except that pursuit is within not without.

Learning that I choose happiness or not is one the the most important lessons I’ve learned in my life. You could say that I am in pursuit of happiness, at least in the third meaning of that word where I am living it by constantly choosing and accepting it.

I Choose Happiness. Every Day. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing it, accepting it, sharing it.

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