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Growth Week
“Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.”
— Glenda Cloud
“Surround yourself with people who believe in you.”
— Brian Koslow
I’ve looked at a lot of quotes about growth and the largest percentage of them talk about struggle and going up against adversity, difficulties and how they cause one to become more in order to overcome or to cruise through tough situations. Of course, I do agree that there is truth in the fact that we become more by accepting challenges that cause us to draw more upon the storehouse of talent we tend to keep under lock and key.
However, today I want to address something that you might not easily find about growth and that is being around people who encourage and uplift you. There is nothing so pleasant to be around people who believe in you and encourage and uplift you. It is exhilarating. It is also one of the most pleasant ways to grow as well.
I know for myself that I have grown very quickly and by giant leaps with the right encouragement and support. It is not always around me, but I endeavor to have those in my life that I can count on for personal encouragement. I might even call on them to help deliver me from my own unbelief from time to time, and it puts me back on the path of positive growth.
We probably all have some negatively-oriented people in our lives and maybe there isn’t a lot we can do to change that at the moment, but we certainly can find others to surround ourselves with who do inspire us to growth. As positive a person as I am, I need encouragement and inspiration like any other.
And. one more thing. . . be that to others. Encourage people you know and love to more growth and greater inspirations. I get more charge personally out of that than anything else I do. That is the purpose of this project and much of what I do. It is joy beyond measure.
Growing Should Naturally Encourage Growth In Others–By Example At The Minimum.
Spread Some Joy Today–I predict that you will have more people around you who encourage and believe in you as you begin and expand doing that same thing for others. Become an encourager. It is a wonderful profession.
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