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“The primary cause of unhappiness
is never the
but your thoughts about

— Echart

was a very interesting day. My business partner, and I met with an associate for
lunch and was briefly introduced to a man and we were told was a very successful
businessman. In the couple minutes he was at our table, he brought up several
times that the problems of the current administration in Washington is causing
him nothing but grief and other outside ills and how that is affecting his
business in a negative way and indicating it was affecting everyone else’s in
the same way.
first thought is that it is strange to me to be very successful, and at the same
time so negative and blaming of others. It doesn’t make any sense to me. My
guess is that this negativity didn’t come since this administration took office,
but has changed venues for many, many years.
I met another successful business person who was complaining about everything he
could think of. I let him have his way and I went mine.
people think that the situation, or the authorities they cannot control, or the
economy they don’t understand, or some other things from the outside of them is
the reason for their unhappiness.
that were true, I would be unhappy too, but I’m not. Instead, I see nothing but
brightness on the horizon and I could care less who’s in office.
had another business person tell me that their competition was getting all the
hits of Google and they aren’t and they wanted to get on top of the competition
and knock them down a few notches. I told him that he has no competition and
that all he needed to do was to focus on his own business and providing the best
product, service and experience possible to all their existing and potential
clients. I said that paying any attention to so-called competition is taking you
off your game. And, it does. The only real competition is in our head, worrying
about the future.
we all just focus on being the best we can with what we have to work with, while
having a good time, and providing the best products, services, and experience,
there are no problems. The vast majority of ills and unhappiness or frustration
is strictly in our minds.
is simple to change–not necessarily easy, but simple. Find better feeling
thoughts. That is as simple as it gets, and as difficult as it gets. As we have
a problem thought, we just release it and find a better feeling thought and then
another and another and soon we are feeling well and healthy and vibrant again.
It is not the outside that is the problem, but the inside.
good news that should make this worthwhile is that by changing our attitudes of
thought, we automatically change our circumstances. We literally create our own
world from that perspective.

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News Anyway. It’s Olds–Same Olds.

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