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“Change the story 
and you change perception; 
change perception 
and you change the world.” 
— Jean Houston 

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[Classic post from 3-24-15]

Whatever your story is, or the story within the story, the accumulations of thoughts repeated over and over that eventually become beliefs–whatever it is, if it is not serving you, then the opportunity always exists to change the story. When you change the story, your perceptions change, and when your perception changes, you change the world. We all have our own world from that perspective.

Here’s an easy one to recognize and I recognize the differences in me very clearly. How many times have you thought, “shit happens?” Or, maybe the randomness of events is what you see. You might think, “well, I didn’t attract that. I never would have asked for that in my life.” You only take responsibilities for the positive things and blame others, circumstances, fate, and all manner of outside things for anything negative that comes? You joined the club.

So, I’ve said this one before, but it is so darn good, I could repeat it forever. I used to believe that shit happens that we have no control over, but I gave that up. One very clear thing I adopted was the idea that “things are always working out for me.” A simple idea. And, you know what? It absolutely changed my story, which changed my perception, and this whole thing changed the world that I see. 

Another thing was learning the idea of my emotions being a guidance system instead of just how I feel when “bad shit” or “good shit” happens. Learning that I can know what it means and what to do next when I pay attention to how I feel changed my story, which changed my perception, which changed my world, and my life.

Remember that a belief is just a thought we keep thinking, so when we finally realize that this belief is no longer serving us, we can choose a better feeling thought, and another, and then our story changes, perception changes, and the world we live in changes.

Is It Time For A New Story? Better Perception? Changing Your World? You Are The Only One In Charge Of That. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Who doesn’t want joy? Not Any.

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