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“The heaviness of being successful

was replaced by the lightness of

being a beginner again,

less sure of everything.

It freed me to enter one of the most

creative periods of my life.”

— Steve Jobs

Many years ago, I wrote an essay about beginnings. I loved beginnings. The are so enthusiastic and exciting and there is also a lot of unknown, but for some reason, it doesn’t stop us because of the positive energy all around.

Sure there are naysayers. There always are. It is a given, but for some reason, in this energy field, we don’t really hear them. Or, maybe it is that we ignore them. Either way, they have no power or authority to slow us down or stop us from doing what we have decided to do. Some call this the entrepreneurial spirit. Others might call it infatuation.

In any respect, it is a glorious place to be and all is well in this place. Idealism prevails. Nothing and no one can stop us at the moment.

After a while, I think we begin to count the cost and project the future and analyze the past and all of that brain-work. It is then that the excitement probably wanes and the cares may overcome the anticipated rewards.

We may then even become more concerned and at the same time create a downward spiral–often it is one of our own creation–but we create it anyway.

It is at this point that things fall apart and the only thing that can save us is to let go, and begin anew, taking us back to our favorite place: the beginning. It is there we return to the excitement and enthusiasm and joy. This is the creative place.

This doesn’t just apply to businesses, entrepreneurship, etc. It applies equally to marriages and relationships.

Here’s to creating new beginnings without losing the progress that we may have made. Keep the excitement of the beginning in your heart. The way to do that is through the idea of appreciation. Find ways to appreciate yourself, your team and each other as we progress.

“Be Willing To Be A Beginner Every Single Morning.” — Meister Eckhart

Spread Some Joy Today–Notice the signs and feel how it feels and then change how it feels by thinking new thoughts.

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