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The most valuable lessons 
I have ever learned in my life! 

“Depression is just a thought. 
So is joy. 
They don’t happen to us. 
We happen to them.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

This morning, as I was becoming awakened, but not yet having my eyes open–you know, that semi-dream state and semi-awake state just before our eyes open to the new day. From that place, I heard the Mission Impossible theme music, and a recording that said, “Good morning, Mr. Minion. Your mission, Terry, should you decide to accept it, is to enjoy yourself–to be injoy throughout the day today. Contrary thoughts and situations will come your way, and it is your job to see that joy rules. . .”

I started laughing because it was so wonderful, and yet so bizarre at the same time. Where did that come from? I haven’t got a clue, but I was loving it just the same as if I did it on purpose. What a delightfilled way to awaken to a new day!

Wayne Dyer says, “We deserve to feel joy–it’s our spiritual calling. So whatever it takes to feel joy, we simply must act upon it.” I agree totally.

I don’t know when this change took place in my psyche, but it had to be in the last eight years or so. It began slowly, and then increased over time to the point that it has become a mantra of mine to enjoy myself, or better stated, to injoy myself, or to be in joy throughout my day. It’s not nearly the challenge that some think it is. It requires no work. It only requires letting go of the stuff in and around us, and once done, even if only done a little, the natural joy that is within us is exposed more and more. If we clear the stuff on an ongoing basis, then joy is exposed more and more often and to greater and greater degrees.

I have let go of the stuff enough now to have joy exposed in me every single day, and some days, it just rocks my world. Like today. I can just feel it rocking my world as I write this on Sunday morning at 7:25 am on August 28th, 2016. I know without a smidgen of doubt that today will be a truly joyous day. I can feel it. I know it. It is already.

Yesterday’s valuable lesson was the fact that we all get to choose our perspective, our thoughts about anything. About ourselves, about others, about the neighbors, the city, the state, the country, the world, and anything and everything that goes on in these of which we have some awareness. So today, and every day now, I choose my experience by uncovering my natural inner joy–that little fun kid inside that loves to be amazed, loves to laugh, loves to have fun, loves to make light of things. 

Although these lifetime lessons that I’m sharing are not in any particular order of importance, in that I think they are equally important, I think yesterday and today are really number one and two. I choose my perspective, my reality, my thoughts, and I choose joy. It’s the ole’ one-two punch! Wham! Bang! Bip! Bap! Yeah! Done!

By the way, at the end of every CTS Daily Inspiration is the idea to “spread some joy today,” with a little message. Today’s message will be the 2,525th time. None were repeated unless unconsciously. That’s a lot of ideas on spreading joy! That’s a lot of being injoy!

I hope that you injoy your day today! It’s not up to me, but if it were, you would.

What A Wonderful World. I’ve Accepted And Embraced The Mission. Nothing Is Impossible. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by uncovering the debris that seems so dang important. It’s covering one of the most valuable assets and possessions you could possibly own: your joy. There’s an abundance of it–a never-ending supply.

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