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“Remind yourself that you are loved. 
Not only loved but adored. 
You are loved unconditionally. 
Use sticky notes, posters, photos, 
or whatever helps to remind you. 
Just remember that you are loved. 
No matter what. 
No matter what. 
No matter what.” 
— Terry Minion 

It is amazing what a simple reminder can do to lift a person up, to feel loved, valued, wanted, and more. Some are just touching and others are equal to moving a mountain. I have reminders all over my office, on my computer, on the walls, my Abraham, Esther Hicks perpetual calendar, and more. They help. They remind me that I am loving and that I am loved.

On my computer desktop, I have the above picture on my screen when I’m not in a program. I have many that I use on my desktop but this is my favorite so far. It is my favorite because every single time I look at it, I feel adored. Not just loved. Adored. As if I could never do any wrong. As if I’m the most handsome man on the planet. Adored.

It delights me every single time and every single moment I see it. I bought the photo on Fotolia.com, and she looks a lot like Annette Bening. Maybe that’s part of it. I’ve always loved watching her in the movies she’s been in. Whatever it is, I cannot say exactly, but I know exactly how I feel when I look at it. That’s all that matters to me. 

Here’s a photo of a note I shared a long time ago of a note I stuck on the inside door of a kitchen cupboard for my wife to see when I went on a trip about 12-14 years ago. It is still there. I just checked. Amazing. When I went on that trip, I stuck many of them all over the house, and this one has survived, but it demonstrates how a little message of a reminder like this can have the power to move our hearts and minds and reminds us that we are loved.

When was the last time you really felt adored? That is such a delightful and yet powerful feeling. I hope you feel it often–every day even. If not, please do as I have and find something that reminds you of that feeling so that you can feel it too every time you look at the photo, note, letter, whatever. You absolutely deserve to feel it, and it is totally okay to post reminders to yourself to help you along.

Don’t wait for someone else to bring you this feeling. You can feel it in your imagination, in your body and mind right now. You could post notes all over your house to remind yourself, or remind your spouse or your kids or other family members too. Love is meant to be shared, as I am sharing with you now. It is multiplied when it is shared.

Remind Yourself: You Are Adored. You Are Loved. You Are Valued And Valuable. You Matter. You Make A Difference Just By Being Alive. You Are Blessed. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by spreading the word through your feeling.

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