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“Of all the people on the planet,

you talk to yourself more than anyone.

Make sure you are saying

the right things.”


— Martin Rooney

Whether we are alone or surrounded with people, we talk to ourselves more than anyone outside our body. I know with me, that talk was often about what I should have done and didn’t and what’s wrong with the current picture, who else is to blame so that I can remain blameless, various justifications for actions that I’ve taken that produced less than perfect results, and a few thousand other similar thoughts.

I like how Alan Cohen guides us about internal thoughts: “When considering whether to hearken to a voice within you, test its frequency. Is it broadcasting from fear or love? Practice picking up the phone for love calls and refuse to answer the fear calls.”

He adds some clarification with this: “Your soul’s calling also has a distinct tone. When your inner voice speaks to you it bestows a feeling of peace, ease, flow, aliveness, and a sense of coming home. By contrast, the voice of the ego, or fear, is burdensome, demanding, and disquieting.”

We have so many names for our emotions or feelings, but basically there are only two. We could call them love and fear, or more aptly described they are feeling good and feeling bad. It is good to get to know the voices inside our heads and pay far less attention to what they say, and focus in on how we are feeling about what they are saying. If we are feeling good, it is our own best nature, and love. If it is feeling bad, unsure, anxious, and such, it is not in our own best interests.

In fact, this is the best way to know about which decision to make when there are several options. Pay attention to how you feel about the decision as you think about it. If anything about it feels bad, it would probably be best to avoid that decision. If you feel good about it, then it is most likely the best way to go. If all the options are not feeling good at the moment, it is best to delay until you find an option that feels good.

Once I learned how to pay attention to how I am feeling, so many things about the talk in my head, decisions I need to make and so on are so much easier, better, and I don’t worry about them.

“Everyone Should Carefully Observe Which Way His Heart Draws Him, And Then Choose That Way With All His Strength.” — Chasidic sage

Spread Some Joy Today–Go forth and find the best feeling thoughts you can. Practice will absolutely improve the process.

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