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“Some changes look negative on the surface
but you will soon realize that space is being
created in your life for something new to emerge.”

— Eckhart Tolle 

We’ve heard it, ‘everything works out for the best if we let it,’ and other such things that it seems we can only relate to when they aren’t happening to us. For many, when it is happening to us, that ‘feel good’ stuff is just a bunch of crap. You just want to smack ’em up the side of the head when someone starts pointing out the good side, the silver lining, the benefits of the problems you’re facing.
As I look back on my biggest so-called problems, I find that, indeed, everything worked out for the best even though I never would have guessed that as it was happening. The advantage of 20/20 hindsight shows me clearly how everything was actually perfect and perfectly planned as if the Master was at work on my behalf.
It’s taken me years, but since I have found this to be true, and I know a number of others who also know it to be true, the real challenge isn’t so much in realizing there will be a benefit that comes. That’s not so hard to relate to. It’s the the space between the initial incident and our realization of benefits as a result of the incident that is the variable.
As I progress in my realization, or expansion, or enlightenment, the space gets smaller and smaller. Depending on what the incident is, I can now go from incident to joy pretty quickly. The bigger (all in my mind, of course) the issue, the larger the space it seems, but even those are so much shorter.
I’m moving steadily and surely to the place where the incident immediately begets the acceptance of the reality to the promise of some benefit being assured to acceptance and joy in that. I’m loving the challenge and the progress too. 


THANK YOU! You’ve Given Me A Blessing. I Appreciate The Opportunity And Change. I Can’t Wait To See What Lies In Store For My Benefit!

Spread Some Joy Today–What is your space?

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