Daily Inspiration 8-28-11

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Growth Week
“Each experience through which we pass
operates ultimately for our good. . . . This is
a correct attitude to adopt. . . and
we must be able to see it in that light.”
— Raymond Holliwell
I just realized a few days ago that I have lost thousands of good ideas by not writing them down, so I began carrying a small notepad and pen even on my walks, and now it is amazing how many I am saving. I know our brains remember everything in minute detail, but mine is not nearly as good on recall.
Anyway, today I was out for a walk before it got hot and enjoying everything around me and it came to me that I’m having the best year of my entire life. The next thing I realized is that last year was the previous best year of my life. Back to back best years, and as I go back one or two more, I see the same, but further back it was not that way. Instead the Good Ole Days were further back and this year was another in the struggle to find them again.
Something changed and I know exactly what it is. What changed is how I view the world and the universe and me and my environment. I see everything differently than in the past. I would have to say that number one would be looking at what is right or good or beautiful and focusing on that instead of seeing what is out of place, wrong or ugly.
It’s funny to think about it, but nothing around me changed at all, yet it did. I still live in the same house, same neighborhood, same city, have same or similar challenges, see people I’ve seen for years, and yet it is all so different than it once was. It was me who changed and it was just the way I choose to look at it, them, and my world. Indeed, it is a decision of owning my world even.
As part of that process and practice (and by the way, it is joyful practice!), I can now see that everything that is happening is perfect and good and beneficial. Why me is not a question I ever ask anymore. What a great feeling.
Today is the best day ever. This is the best year ever. I look forward with eager anticipation of tomorrow and next year being the my best year ever, so that each and every year is positively stacked on top on one another to lift me ever higher.
I Love Controlling How Good I Feel By Choosing To.
Spread Some Joy Today–Today is the first day of the rest of my life is good, but how about today is the best day of the rest of my life? So much better, don’t you think?
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