Daily Inspiration 8-28-10

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“Love is the force that ignites the spirit and binds teams together.”
— Phil Jackson
This quote jumped off the page at me and it has proven so very true in my life and in all my business affairs. I look back at all the teams and how much I loved and still love all those people. A few of them I have bumped into in later situations–even working at the same facility; albeit, in a different capacity than before. I think that there just isn’t anything better than working with people you love and loving the people you work with.
There are so many of these people that given the situation, I would not hesitate to hire them or work with them again. How satisfying is that? I think it is just awesome.
I wrote a book in 1990 on sales and sales management and stated in that book my theory of management by love. I tested it, proved it, used it and still stand by it as such a powerful and fulfilling method of managing people.
I hope that you currently work with people you love and if not, that you find that situation quickly. Life is too short to live without it.
Loving The Ones You Work With Makes Each Day A Joy–And Much More Effective Too.
Spread Some Joy Today–Let down the barriers and let the love flow. Everyone wants to feel good, don’t they?!
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