Daily Inspiration 8-27-11

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“You can do anything you wish to do,
have anything you wish to have,
be anything you wish to be.”
— Robert Collier
“The only lack or limitation
is in your own mind.”
— N. H. Moos
The fact that we may choose to do less, have less, or be less is just fine. What I think is important is that the only lack or limitation is in our own mind. It’s like driving a Chevy Malibu with a 454 V-8. Just knowing all that power is there is comforting. Just using it periodically in very short bursts is fun. Feeling the excess underneath the idle as I cruise slowly, knowing full well that at any time I choose regardless of speed limit signs, or cops behind billboards, that I can delve into that resource just bolsters my confidence and I feel more alive.
Now, if I really want to, I am confident enough to race it full out scared to life with excitement. . . and do it again and again, and any time I choose.
Love that car!
Isn’t Life Grand? We’ve Been Given Everything We Could Possibly Need. So Awesome!
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