Daily Inspiration 8-26-13

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“There is no greater difference between men

than between grateful and ungrateful people.”

— R.H. Blyth

I have found no one thing greater in my own life than to practice becoming a grateful person. I say the word practice in the literal sense in that it is not something that just comes of its own except rarely, yet when intently practiced, it is like working a muscle and it becomes stronger.

In the beginning, I would see something in nature, such as, a beautiful sky, sunset or cloud formation and I would just internally say, ‘thank you.’ Later, I would say these things aloud and more often as I would see things that I liked, or things that caught my attention.

This attention to the beautiful and pleasing is wonderful, and the more I would find them, the more they would find me. The practice was creating more and more opportunities to become grateful.

Then, I began to branch out to things that weren’t initially beautiful or pleasing. I began to look at things that I didn’t really want to look at, but since I was seeing them, I would try to find something in them to be grateful for. Consequently, the more this was practiced, the more positive and interesting they became and I started to find good in so many things that previously I would have called bad. That was fascinating at first, but such a blessing as it was practiced.

The quote from R.H. Blyth is so perfect because as I see people and their differences, especially in their actions and words, I see only grateful or not grateful. Yet, even in my practice, I see through their ungratefulness, because they have just practiced the opposite.

Practice. It Is Worth The Small Effort. Become More Of The Real Self By Becoming More Grateful.

Spread Some Joy Today–Joy is a natural and fulfilling result of gratitude.

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