Daily Inspiration 8-25-16

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“The most radical act 
anyone can commit 
is to be happy.” 

— Patch Adams 

I know that happiness is not something that is achieved. It is something that is chosen. It is not found, because it isn’t lost. It’s always there and ready at a moment’s notice. I choose happiness. That’s the choice. And, the easy way to happiness is choosing how you see things. It’s all about thoughts.

Here’s a great piece from The Universe, a.k.a., Mike Dooley of tut.com:

“When in a hurry, step #1 for changing the entire world is falling in love with it as it already is. 

Same for changing yourself. 

And, best of all, with this approach, there is no step #2.” 

Loving It The Way. . . It Is . . . They Are. . . I Am. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Let loose on your happiness today. Here’s a great question: What do you have to lose? I’m sure you have a good answer for that!

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