Daily Inspiration 8-24-13

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“Don’t just count the cost,

but also count the loss.”

— Albert K Strong

I’ve heard, ‘count the cost!’ as an admonition to consider or reconsider making a decision. This is especially true in making a bold and/or new decision. We are supposed to picture the consequences in all its glory; albeit, glory is not the best word here. It’s all about what could go wrong and the ramification of that. And, well meaning people have all sorts of reasons for reminding us to count the cost, most probably are about them and not really about us at all.

Counting the cost is a good thing to do, yet counting the loss–that which will be missed by delay, or a protective stance–is, in my mind and experience, far more important. It is so easy to find what could go wrong, but that is just as much a fantasy or true unknown as what the positive benefits and pleasures can be. Naysayers is a good word to use for the ‘count-the-costers.’

It is best to put things into perspective and this helps to count the cost and the loss. The perspective, however, will be tainted by personal experience, attitude and outlook. At the very least, counting the loss will give a more enlightened perspective of the cost.

If All We Did Was Count The Cost, Nothing Would Ever Be Accomplished.

Spread Some Joy Today–Follow your bliss today. . . and tomorrow. . . and the next day. . . and the next day. . .

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